Nickel Plate Railroad Collections

Special Collections holds several collection about the Nickel Plate Railroad, consisting of files, drawings and images of the railroad, especially as it passes through Cleveland. There is a general NKP Collection containing some small panoramic negatives of NKP views and Gerald Adams donated two albums of photos and many boxes of NKP drawings.

In addition, the North American Railway Foundation was generous enough to underwrite the purchase of two other collections of Nickel Plate photographic negatives, one being from the company's publicity department and the other from the personal collection of the late Mr. John A. Rehor, author of The Nickel Plate Story.

While most of the material in the Nickel Plate Collections is unprocessed at the moment, a grant from the NARF is funding preliminary work on these collections (and on the Newburgh & South Shore Collection).

Some of the pictures in the Gerry Adams albums are on-line, in the site Yesterday's Lakewood.

Cleveland Press Collection