Panorama of downtown Cleveland looking towards the east approach of the old Central Viaduct, ca. 1918. The Central Viaduct is in the center of the photo, heading west out across the Cuyahoga River. What would become the approach for today's Lorain-Carnegie Bridge is the road forking off to the right (north). The road forking off to he left is today's Commercial Avenue and the building in the middle, with the water tank on the roof, is the Gillota Building. A Marathon gas station currently sits in the foreground of that building. In the far right end of this photo is the old Central Market, with downtown behind it. This shot is taken from the general perspective of today's Jacob's Field.

The Gillota Building and the remnants of the Central Viaduct are now threatened with the proposed northerly alignment of the I-90/I-71 Innerbelt Bridge, which would go right through this area. Our holdings of panoramas include a shot from the roof of the Gillota Bldg., looking back towards the viewpoint of this shot and each of these historic shots is matched by color panoramas we shot in 2002, from the same perspectives, for an exhibit in Special Collections at CSU.