January 7, 2005


Mr. Ernest Gubry


Detroit Airports District Office

11677 S. Wayne Road

Romulus, Michigan 48174


The Cleveland Cultural Garden Federation will not sign the MOA for the proposed Doan Brook Renovation.†† Our purpose, as the organization that represents the interests of many nationality groups that have established gardens in Rockefeller Park, is to protect and preserve this unique symbol to world peace and cultural diversity.We cannot agree to a proposal that will irreparably damage this important landmark and degrade our Cityís most important public park.


Through the Section 106 process the following facts have been established; 1.The Cleveland Cultural Gardens are a historic landmark, unique in this country, and of national and even international significance.According to one of our nationís most prominent historians, the Gardens have endured as Americaís most powerful monument to the dream of peace and brotherhood.2. The end result of the renovation, as clearly stated in the Executive Summary of the Adverse Effects Analysis, will not be a restoration of Rockefeller Park, but a drastic change from that of a public park to more of a nature preserve.3.An evaluation of the Doan Brook Renovation by Hydrosphere Engineering claims that the plan will not achieve its stated goals, but more importantly, will likely result in irreparable damage to the historic features of the Park and Gardens.†† 4.In the event of project failure or unforeseen cost overruns, the FAA, the lead agency, has no financial obligation to invest additional money.This obligation would then likely fall to the City of Cleveland, which has failed for decades to properly maintain the park.





Despite this data the fundamental components of the plan remain intact.The information generated during the Section 106, that should have significantly influenced the decision making process, has essentially been ignored by the major stakeholders.


Rockefeller Park and its Cultural Gardens clearly represent one of Clevelandís most important and unique assets.With the proper investment and direction the Park and Gardens could be fully restored to their former glory.In addition to preserving its function as a grand public park that would serve not only the people of Glenville, but also the greater community, this unique cultural resource could, as a component of University Circle, significantly contribute to the evolution of that area into the cultural and educational Mecca that is currently envisioned.


We again ask that the current Doan Brook Renovation plan be aborted in favor of one that will not degrade this unique and important resource.If it is not possible to satisfy the requirements of stream restoration in a way that does not so radically change the appearance and function of the park, and does not alter and destabilize its historic components, then another site should be chosen, as recommended by Colonel DeWillie in his Dec 6, 2001 letter to Congressman Kucinich.




George Parras


The Cleveland Cultural Garden Federation