Demolition Photographs
Cleveland, Ohio

These are a few images from the demolition of the Eagle Avenue Viaduct, in Cleveland, Ohio, being conducted for the Ohio Department of Transportation (updates) in the year 2005. It is ironic that the Cleveland State University Library simultaneously received in donation a 16mm film of the Viaduct under construction in 1928 and has digitized it and mounted it to the web as part of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the dedication of the Cleveland Union Terminal, for which the Viaduct was built.


Stone's Levee Road is closed, as are Canal, West 3rd and, of course, Eagle Avenue.

The lower end of the Viaduct leads to the green Eagle Avenue Lift Bridge, now closed for repairs, and a ramp curves south from the avenue to tie into West 3rd Street.

Seen from the side (looking northwest), the Stone's Levee Road passes over railroad tracks on a historic through-truss bridge, which was enclosed within the Viaduct in 1928.

Closer view of the enclosed Stone's Levee bridge.

From inside the Stone's Levee Bridge, looking northwest towards downtown.

The tracks northwest of the Viaduct.

The upper portion of the Viaduct being dismantled. Before 1928, this section of Eagle Avenue was home to the Smead Rolling Road, which was demolished to build the Viaduct.

The upper Viaduct being dismantled.

A view of the steel deterioration.

A view of the concrete deterioration.