Tony Mastroianni Review Collection



  • Adler, Luther
    Adler Does His Poppa's Kind of Play
    Luther Adler's long and distinguished acting career has its roots in the Yiddish theater of New York. The Adlers were the Barrymores of that theatrical form. And his career goes back to the famous Group Theater of the 1930's where Adler was Broadway's original "Golden Boy."
  • Allen, Woody
    Woody is serious about comedy 
    NEW YORK -- Woody Allen -- somber, soft-spoken and worried looking -- showed up at the press conference assuring everyone that he is much better now -- about hangups and such;
  • Anderson, Robert
    Writer Sees His Play at Hanna
    "The movies give people the impression that a playwright writes a play on a Ouija board in the dark of night while drunk and that he is someone who looks like Orson Bean."
  • Astaire, Fred
    Fred Finian
    HOLLYWOOD -- The stubble of a beard, a kerchief around his neck, a coarse shirt and a tweed jacket -- they are a far cry from the white tie and tails that once identified Fred Astaire.


  • Baker, Diane
    Diane Baker Can't Find Self in Movie
    "I went to see a film recently, one that I thought I had a part in," the actress said. "I had seen the rushes and I was in it then. You can't imagine what it's like to find yourself missing."
  • Belafonte, Harry
    Belafonte to Open U.S. Tour Here
    His voice over the phone was husky, Almost gravely; a condition which Harry Belafonte explained away by saying that he had just awakened and he always sounds that way in the morning.
  • Bosley, Tom
    Bosley Says He Is Lucky to Be a Character Actor
    Actor Tom Bosley admits that he is not tall and not handsome and considers himself lucky that this is the state of affairs that exists. "There's plenty of work for character actors and that's what I am," he said. "When I get gray and fatter I'll be reaching the peak of my earning power."
  • Brodsky, Jack
    Making good can be problem
    It's always nice to run into an ex-newspaperman who has made good. Jack Brodsky is a one time New York Times writer who quit this business in 1956. He has just made his debut as a movie producer. Making good for an ex-newspaperman sometimes takes time....March 30, 1971
  • Button, Dick
    Dick Button Enthusiastic, Busy Over World's Fair
    Dick Button is best known As a skater. But he's also a lawyer, producer, actor and businessman. And he was in Cleveland a couple of days ago as a salesman. But get him talking and almost all you will hear about is the upcoming New York World's Fair. His comments are a mixture of worry and enthusiasm.


  • Caine, Michael
    Caine Mutinies at London Hours
    "The girls here in New York are much nicer than in London," said English actor Michael Caine in a phone call from the big city the other day. "They're more swinging here. And you know, they don't throw you out of the bars at 11 o'clock every night the way they do in London."
  • Carlile, Tom
    A big press agent explains how they made a big movie
    One of the unwritten rules in this business is that you don't write about press agents, a press agent being a guy whose business it is to get his client's name in print any way and never mind any personal glory.
  • Channing, Carol
    • Carol only eats organic food
      Carol Channing arrived in Cleveland last night, a little breathless, an over-sized yachting cap perched on her head, a blue sailor t ype blouse over white skirt... July 17, 1972
    • Carol Will Try Not to Cry When "Dolly" Closes Soon
      The saucer-size eyes were hidden behind thick glasses and the glasses were framed in black rims, so big they seemed to cover half her face. But the tousled blond hair and the smiling mouth and the tall figure in the George Bernard Shaw walking suit was unmistakably Carol Channing emerging from the plane last night.
  • Clark, Petula
    Persistent Petula Likes Movie Role
    HOLLYWOOD: International singing star Petula Clark is a diminutive (5 ft., 1 in., 100 lbs.), 33-year old blond who says she'd rather be judged by her work than by any remarks she might make. But she is not unwilling to make them anyway -- that she likes songs with a beat, that she likes to keep working and dislikes the Las Vegas atmosphere for example.
  • Conway, Tim
    Tim Works for Free in Old Home Town
    While other TV personalities will be playing the summer theaters for big, fat fees, Tim Conway of TV's McHale's Navy will be doing a play for no salary at all.
  • Cummings, Bob
    Even a Phone's an Audience for Cummings  Even on the phone Bob Cummings sounds a though he's smiling. He talks about acting and talks at a rapid rate and if it isn't about acting it's about some of his other loves -- family, flying and natural foods. Cummings will be at the Hanna next week in a New York- bound comedy caller "The Wayward Stork." The last time he was in a Broadway show was 14 years ago, an affair called "Faithfully Yours' with Ann Sothern.
  • Doohan, James
    Star Trek's Scotty --- Doohan what comes naturally
    "For seven years I had a beard. I tried to live down an image." For almost 15 years "Star Trek" has been part--an overpowering part-of the life of James Doohan, just as it has been for almost everyone who was in that television series.



  • Ebsen, Buddy
    Buddy Ebsen puts money with ideals
    Buddy Ebsen, star of television's Beverly Hillbillies, is coming to the Hanna Theater Feb. 22 in the play 'The Apple of His Eye." ...February 15, 1971
  • Geer, Kate
    Festival Director Has Star Pupil to Play "The School for Wives"
    Says he: "We'd like a home sometime, but right now wherever we are is home." Says she: "I'm so tired of living out of a trunk I could scream. Besides, I want to have a baby." He and she are Larry Linville and Kate Geer, both of the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, married 3 1/2 years, an actor and actress who have found steady employment in the country's better regional theaters.
  • George, Anthony
    Likes Role in "Funny Girl"
    He's tall, dark, handsome and single and he thinks New York and San Francisco women are too masculine. Cleveland women? Most of that was off the record. Anthony George is the leading man in the current Hanna attraction, "Funny Girl." It's the first musical for an actor known principally for a TV series, "Checkmate," that ended several years ago.
  • Giallelis, Stathis
    Greek Meets Greek -- Presto, a Movie
    It was August, 1961. Elia Kazan, producer and director was in Athens auditioning actors for the movie version of his own novel, "America America."
  • Gould, Elliot
    Actor explains "Gould movies"
    "There are no Elliot Gould movies," the man on the phone said emphatically. "That is just studio promotion." The man on the phone was Elliott Gould. At least he said he was Elliott Gould. He sounded like Elliot Gould.
  • Goulet, Robert
    Goulet Sports Beard on Visit Here
    Sir Lancelot has grown a beard. A three-week growth of whiskers adorns the handsome face of Robert Goulet. The singer-actor is in Cleveland for two days making personal appearances in behalf of his latest movie, "I'd Rather Be Rich," which opens today at the Hipp.
  • Grosso, Sonny
    Cop connects with Seven-Upmanship
    Eddie Egan and Sonny Grosso are the real life detectives portrayed by Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider respectively in 'The French Connection." The two have now gone their separate but equal ways, both involved in the movie business...December 7, 1973


  • Hepburn, Katherine
    Unfashionable Hepburn here for fashion play
    It was less an interview than a conversation and less a conversation than a monologue....January 8, 1971
  • Hogan, Michael
    Hogan Talks, Well Blimey, Just Like Every Limey
    "Americans think that all Englishmen talk like I do," actor Michael Hogan explained with patience mixed with a little surprise. If all Englishmen don't talk like actor Hogan, they ought to. They certainly could do worse.
  • Hudson, Rock
    Success Spoils Rock's Waistline
    NEW YORK -- Rock Hudson is tall, 6 ft. 4 in., but he slouches slightly in his chair, the better to hear us mortals of average height ask questions.
  • Kennedy, Arthur
    Arthur Kennedy Recalls "Caesar"
    NEW ORLEANS -- Horned rim glasses, a soft voice and words carefully chosen bespoke a different person and setting. But the setting was a swamp and the man who spoke wore a raggedy cotton outfit. His beard was several days old, his hair unkempt and rivulets of water ran from his heavy shoes.
  • King, Alan
    Alan Isn't Kidding -- His Baby Is Real
    You would think Alan King would have run out of relatives, real and otherwise, to talk about by now. But no, he has a new one. A baby. King will be mentioning him when the comedian opens a two-night stand at Musicarnival Sunday.


  • Lemmon, Jack
    Lemmon Talks Business
    NEW YORK NOTEBOOK: The occasion had been a press preview of Paul Newman's "Cool Hand Luke," but the man being introduced around -- after Newman had been interviewed -- was Jack Lemmon
  • Lerner, Alan Jay
    Lerner Would Rewrite Even "My Fair Lady"
    "If left alone I'd rewrite anything, even ‘My Fair Lady'."The man who would do a thing like that to Americas most successful musical is Alan Jay Lerner, the fellow who wrote the lyrics and adapted Shaw's "Pygmalion" for the show. Frederick Loewe wrote the music.
  • Lewis, Jerry
  • Linville, Larry
    Festival Director Has Star Pupil to Play "The School for Wives"
    Says he: "We'd like a home sometime, but right now wherever we are is home." Says she: "I'm so tired of living out of a trunk I could scream. Besides, I want to have a baby." He and she are Larry Linville and Kate Geer, both of the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, married 3 1/2 years, an actor and actress who have found steady employment in the country's better regional theaters.
  • Lisi, Virna
    Italian Actress Virna Lisi Has a New Kind of Beauty 
    CHICAGO: -- The scene was Maxim's, the lights were low and the music soft. Seated beside me was an actress, a blond, green eyed Italian.
  • Lollobrigida, Gina
    Gina Lollobrigida Looks as Good Off Screen as On
    NEW YORK -- For the ladies, and they seem to dote on such details, she wore an empire dress of black silk, a sapphire mink coat, a three strand necklace of Etruscan relics (some of them dating to 4000 B. C.) and her hair was styled in a short page boy with bangs.
  • Loren, Sophia
    Sophia Loren --She meets a new Mastroianni and tells him of her world
    "You are Mastroianni? We have made eight movies together. Sit next to me." So there we were -- Sophia Loren and I -- and six or seven other newspapermen, a couple of movie company press agents, a few servants and her husband, Carlo Ponti, whose marriage to Miss Loren should give renewed hope to short, fat men everywhere. Just a big, intimate gathering, darn it.
  • Low, K. Elmo
    Lowe earned all curtain calls
    K. Elmo Lowe is dead and more than just an era has ended for the Play House. With his death yesterday the Play House lost a vital and important link with its past...January 27, 1971


  • Mancini, Henry
    Henry Mancini--- Composers' King
    He's tall and rather thin, looks younger than his 41 years. Henry Mancini resembles the guy next door -- casual, friendly, laughs easily, speaks seriously about his craft.
  • Marowitz, Charles
    To be or not to be in Lakewood? Marowitz is there
    What has come to be known as "The Marowitz Hamlet' is Shakespeare's "Hamlet" cut up in little pieces a n d pasted back together. Speeches appear out of order or are spoken by different characters... July 28 1972
  • Martin, Mary
    "Hello, Mary!"
    Ever the perfectionist, Mary Martin was rehearsing when reached by phone at the O'Keefe Center in Toronto."Oh, sure we know the show. We were just doing a little checking," she explained, sounding slightly breathless. "Each theater has its own problems that we have to solve. That's the excitement of going on the road.
  • Matthau, Walter
    St. Matthau gospel is comic
    You don't know Charlie Matthau. Charlie Matthau is 7 years old and tells jokes and Walter Matthau is his straight man....March 26, 1971
  • McQueen, Steve
    Steve McQueen Makes Movies the Hard Way
    NEW ORLEANS -- Steve McQueen, dripping wet, wolfed down sandwiches from a box lunch. All morning he and Arthur Kennedy, Pat Hingle and more than a dozen extras had been standing waist deep in swamp water.
  • Merman, Ethel
    Ethel Merman -- All-Brass Voice, All-Gold Talent
    On stage Ethel Merman has a voice that could drown out a brass band -- well, a small brass band. But sitting relaxed in her hotel suite, she speaks quietly and the loudest thing out of her is her hearty laugh, which comes frequently. Does she mind the way people describe her voice as brassy and big?
  • Ostrum, Peter
    The Kid from Cleveland makes good
    The last time you saw Peter Ostrum in action was the son in the Play House production of "All the Way Home. " The next time you see him it will be on the screen in a leading role in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." The The movie is based on Roald Dahl's best-selling children's book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Peter plays Charlie.
  • Peck, Gregory
    Acting Is Not Easy, Says Gregory Peck
    NEW YORK -- Gregory Peck has a theory about acting -- that quite a bit of effort goes into the business of not appearing to act. The Academy Award winner expounded on his acting theories in an interview after a screening of his latest film, "Captain Newman, M.D." I had asked him to elaborate on a statement attributed to him in a recent magazine article, a statement to the effect that acting on the stage is just a matter of vocalizing and declaiming.
  • Prentiss, Paula
    Paula Prentiss Is on Her Way
    In an era of non-contract performers and independent producers, the career of film actress Paula Prentiss is almost an anachronism. She's under contract to MGM. It's a position she shares with three others -- Yvette Mimieux. George Peppard and George Hamilton. MGM was once the giant, with almost 150 performers under contract.


  • Raitt, John
    On a Clear Day, You Can See Raitt
    The nice thing about doing a telephone interview with John Raitt is that you get both words and music He doesn't just tell you that at a certain point in the show he sings a particular song -- he illustrates by singing.
  • Rathbone, Basil
    Basil Rathbone-The Business of Acting
    The trouble with the theater is both a matter of economics and the idealization of youth. That's the opinion of veteran actor Basil Rathbone, in Cleveland yesterday to entertain at a tea and fashion show at The Sheraton-Cleveland Hotel in behalf of the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival.
  • Ritt, Martin
    Good films but not success
    Martin Ritt's movies are generally well made, more often than not get critical approval and they I make money. But blockbuster's they are not and Ritt knows it.
  • Rogers, Ginger
    Ginger Here, Still a Dolly, by Golly
    Miss Ginger Rogers arrived in town yesterday looking as sharp and shapely as though she had just stepped out of one of those Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers movies that thrilled everyone back in the 30's.
  • Shaw, Artie
    Artie Still Swings on Another Beat
    To those of us who grew up listening to those wonderful Artie Shaw arrangements of "Begin the Beguine," "Frenesi," "Yesterdays" and others, it's difficult to imagine the great swing clarinetist as a middle aged, balding business executive.
  • Sherman, Richard M.
    Composer Tells How It's Done
    The brothers Sherman, Richard M. and Robert B., write words and music -- not words and music separately but words and music together. They did so for "Mary Poppins," for the latest Disney film, "The Happiest Millionaire," for the next Dick Van Dyke movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" which is now filming in England and for a third Disney musical, "The One and Only Genuine, Original Family Band."
  • Szell, George
    A Thinner Szell Ready for Heavy Season
    George Szell -- looking tan and trim -- relaxed in his office in Severance Hall yesterday, ready to begin his 21st season as musical director of the Cleveland Orchestra.


  • Van Dyke, Dick
    Van Dyke Film Satirizes Divorce
    CHICAGO -- His roles range from a chimney sweep in "Mary Poppins" to John F. Kennedy in the forthcoming movie version of the Pierre Salinger book. But there is no indication that success has spoiled Dick Van Dyke.
  • Wilcoxon, Will
    Despite Film Fights, Wilcoxon Is Young
    Any actor crowding 60 is generally referred to as "distinguished" in studio press releases. The difference between any actor and Henry Wilcoxon is that he truly looks distinguished.