Tony Mastroianni Review Collection

Music Reviews

  • Eddy Arnold show refreshes the soul  
    [Arnold, Eddy - at Musicarnival] I'll admit right from the beginning that country music isn't my cup of moonshine...July 18, 1972
  • Beatles Show Is a Musical Fiasco
    [The Beatles - at Cleveland Municipal Stadium] Theological misgivings not withstanding, the Beatles played Cleveland in the Stadium last night. It was quite scrimmage. It was a replay of the Beatles' Public Hall engagement of 1964 when hysterical fans stormed the stage. This time the crowd was bigger, the terrain different but the action was the same.
  • Orchestra, Chorus Share Honors
    [The Cleveland Orchestra & Chorus - at Severance Hall] The Cleveland Orchestra, Chorus and soloists under Robert Shaw performed Honegger's "King David" Symphonic Psalm at Severance Hall last night. Assistant concert master Daniel Majeske was soloist in two works for violin and small orchestra Capsule judgment: Magnificent. Oratorio music for people who don't like oratorios.
  • Sammy Davis Jr. a hit in hotpants and songs
    [Davis, Sammy Jr. - at Musicarnival] Sammy Davis Jr. opened last night at Musicarnival in black hotpants, stockings (panty hose?), gray boots with patent leather toes, and flowing yellow shirt with billowing sleeves, ruffled collar and open front.
  • Martino sings several styles
    [Martino, Al - at Musicarnival] Yes, children, there was an Al Martino before there was a "Godfather.' The singer's role in tlhat popular movie has brought him new prominence but the Al Martino who opened a week's stand at Musicarnival last night is the product of more than two decades of singing. The result is a polished and easy-going style that doesn't come about overnight...August 15, 1972
  • Nero and His Piano give Fans an Earful
    [Nero, Peter - at Public Hall] Peter Nero was the featured artist at last night's pop concert in Public Hall. Capsule judgment: One of the more satisfying pops with Nero giving his fans what they paid to hear.
  • Mellow Sinatra Charms His Fans
    [Sinatra, Frank - at Public Hall] The King -- Francis Albert Sinatra -- Mr. Entertainment himself came to town last night and there wasn't an empty seat in Public Hall. The audience of 9,925 was mostly fortyish, plump and gray, but their idol is lot less lean than he used to be.
  • Fans rally 'round Jerry Vale
    [Vale, Jerry - at Musicarnival] Singer Jerry Vale made his fourth visit to Musicarnival beginning last night, proving nor only his durability but also an increase in popularity. An additional performance has already been added to the week-long run at 4 p.m. Sunday...July 25 1972